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Andy Haupt

Hi, I am Andy. I study platform markets and and designing mechanisms when information takes part as a good, or as a challenge in implementing a mechanism in reality. (PhD Student @MIT IDSS)

This blog has three categories of posts: "teaching" are tools and lesson plans for schools that I produced during my time as a Teach First Deutschland Fellow; "learning" features posts on topics broadly in relation to learning and data, "deciding" social scientific posts. The site also hosts my papers and has social media links.


Getting Back from the Pond: Improving the Ride-Hailing Market

The summer comes to an end, but ponds can still remind us of almost forgotten mask-free times. For city-dwellers that don’t own a car, getting to these distant natural monuments—and back—can be frustrating. When waiting for a Lyft for more than an hour, an afternoon at the pond can become an early-evening catastrophe. Maybe, for all the minutes waiting, an Uber driver was close. But really, who would know that? Only 9% of Americans that regularly use ride-hailing apps use more than one of them regularly.

Daten, Corona-Hotspots und strukturelle Gewalt

Die COVID-19-Pandemie erforderte und erfordert koordinierte und starke Einschnitte in unsere Mobilität. Dabei rücken neben einzelnen Personen, die grossen Einfluss auf die Verbreitung einer Krankheit haben, auch Orte in den Blick, sogenannte “Hotspots”. Weitreichender Zugang zu Mobilitätsdaten ermöglicht es in Theorie, sehr genau die Effekte der Schliessung öffentlicher Orte zu bestimmen. Ich und meine Mitforschenden machen genau das. Trotz grosser ethischer Herausforderungen sehen wir Weisen, wie die Macht der Mobilitätsdaten für Gutes genutzt werden kann.

A COVID-19 Visualizer, Created with MIT IDSS ISOLAT

The following is a visualization using js, merely for exploratory purposes. Credit to Adrian who worked on this.

COVID-19 and Climate Change: A Letter to High School Social Scientists

The following Essay was sent to a high-schooler class for a six-session "Why haven't we solved Climate Change yet?" class; It, like many other things, was canceled due to the COVID-19 health emergency.

Dear class,

two weeks and a revolutionary change of how our world feels and acts later, I continue what Lukas began with a second essay on "Why haven't we solved climate change yet?"

Presentation on Complementary Incentives

Please find my presentation on incentives and their interactions (for which the 2016 Economics “Nobel” Prize was awarded) here.