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Andy Haupt

Hi, I am Andy. I studied mathematics, economics and computer science in Bonn, Lausanne and Frankfurt. Presently, I am a graduate student in Social and Engineering Systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This blog has three categories of posts: "teaching" are tools and lesson plans for schools that I produced during my time as a Teach First Deutschland Fellow; "learning" features posts on the study of, "deciding" social scientific posts. The site also hosts my papers and social media links. Happy reading.


A COVID-19 Visualizer, Created with MIT IDSS ISOLAT

The following is a visualization using js, merely for exploratory purposes. Credit to Adrian who worked on this.

COVID-19 and Climate Change: A Letter to High School Social Scientist

The following Essay was sent to a high-schooler class for a six-session "Why haven't we solved Climate Change yet?" class; It, like many other things, was canceled due to the COVID-19 health emergency.

Dear class,

two weeks and a revolutionary change of how our world feels and acts later, I continue what Lukas began with a second essay on "Why haven't we solved climate change yet?"

Presentation on Complementary Incentives

Please find my presentation on incentives and their interactions (for which the 2016 Economics “Nobel” Prize was awarded) here.