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Papers and Theses


  • The Economics of Social Network Interoperability
    Andreas Haupt
    Recent Project for Economics of Information and Technology (@MIT Sloan)
    We present variants of classical models of industrial organization and information economics adapted to questions of social network interoperability. We discuss predictions concerning the role of the value of second impressions for cross-side subsidies in two-sided markets, information sharing in platform competition, and the role of compatibility policies for innovation incentives.
    [Term Paper]
  • Exploiting the Computational Burden
    Andreas Haupt
    Recent Project for Complexity and Simplicity in Economics (@Harvard Economics)
    This model combines auction design with a search component. Auctioneers design a menu measure, from which agents repeatedly sample. We find that auctioneers have incentives to provide menu measures that correspond to non-optimal menus in a Myersonian benchmark. We relate the ability to exploit the sampling of agents to monotonicity properties in the model.
  • Voting with Restricted Communication
    Andreas Haupt
    Master Project in Economics
    This project characterised voting rules in the presence of a severe restriction and highlights differences between results for single-peaked and single-crossing preference domains
    [Master Thesis]
    [Abridged version for student journal]
  • Technical Results on the epsilon-BIC Pareto Frontier
    Andreas Haupt
    Term Project for Topics in Microeconomic Theory (Benny Moldovanu)
    This term paper proved structural results on Pareto frontiers from a paper from Mennle and Seuken ‘15 and introduced a notion of convergence of Pareto frontiers.
    [Term Paper]
  • Stationary Bargaining on Networks and Bargaining Power
    Andreas Haupt, Lasse Stötzer
    Term Project for Topics in Microeconomic Theory
    This paper introduced Bargaining power through death of agents in a stationary bargaining model on networks from Menea AER ‘11.
    [Term Paper]

Computer Science

  • Multi-Agent Influence Diagrams and Commitment
    Andreas Haupt
    Bachelor Project at the chair of Systemic Risk
    We introduce an extension of multi-agent influence diagrams that allows for commitment of agents and provide reductions from the problem of computing equilibria in multi-agent influence diagrams with commitment to the computation of equilibria in ordinary multi-agent influence diagrams.
    [Bachelor Thesis]


  • A Data Application of Graphon Theory
    Andreas Haupt, Ngoc Mai Tran, Mohammad Khatami, Thomas Schultz
    Proceedings of the AWM Research Symposium 2020
    This project proved a novel stability bound for motif statistics when graphs come from an exchangeable distribution. It applies the theoretically justified statistics to a neuroscience classification task.
    [Master Thesis]
  • Greedy Approximation Guarantees for Generalized Weakly Submodular Functions
    Andreas Haupt
    Research Project at the EPFL chair for Discrete Optimisation
    We proved a conjectured statement in Borodin et al. ‘14 and used this to find a generalisation of the function class introduced in their paper that also allows for a constant-factor approximation.
  • Bachelor Thesis on the Subtour Elimination Polytope (German)